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Privacy Policy

Gyrinus uses your information exclusively to inform you, the buyer, about your orders. Gyrinus works together with the VU Bookstore to be able to deliver your order. For us, trust is essential to be able to work with you and our partners. This means that we value transparency about the information we ask from you. We also value safety of said information with us as your supplier of books, summaries and syllabi. That’s why we handle your information with care. And of course, we comply with the current regulations as defined in the Law Protection of Personal Data.
Gyrinus values the protection of your privacy. You can rest assured that we:

  • comply with privacy laws and regulations;
  • handle your information with care;
  • don’t pass on or sell your information to third parties for commercial or charitable purposes;
  • respect your rights;
  • exclusively work together with parties who handle the same principles.
  • secure our systems adequately;
  • secure our website adequately;
Do you have any questions, remarks or complaints regarding your privacy? Please send an email to:
Please mention your name and address in this mail. You’ll receive an answer as soon as possible.

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